Services We Provide

With over 60 combined years of bike and trike experience (yikes) we are your shop to go-to for service. We work on nearly any brand of bike or trike - including upright bikes.

From full tune-ups to custom builds, please contact us for service appointments.


Wheel Builds: Need a spoke replaced or a new full set of wheels? Let Jonathan build you the best set of wheels you will ever ride on. 

Full Tune Up: We offer a full tune up service where we go from top to bottom and front to back to bring your bike or trike up to speed. We usually assess when the machine is dropped off to work up an estimate.

Quick Tune Up: Shifting a bit off? Brakes making a racket? We can do a quick tune up for you of just those items - sometimes we can tackle these on the spot or same day!

Custom Builds: If you want to take a frame (think a Cruzbike or Mystique) and have your dream bike built from the ground up - we can do that. Contact us for details if you have a dream bike in mind.

Electric Conversions: We do a Bafang electric conversion with custom programming that will blow your socks off if you have been yearning for an electric. We have been doping conversions for over 7 years. We don't do conversions on all makes/models/years - so it depends greatly on your machine, but contact us for more information.

Fitting Service: Getting your fit correct is critical if you want to be comfortable on your ride - and especially if you are looking to squeeze out all of the performance your machine (and engine) has to offer. We have been analyzing fit on recumbent bikes and trikes for several years - and can help you better attain a more perfect fit.