Collection: Used Bikes and Trikes - Classics and Demos

Welcome to our used bike and trike page!

Here you will see some of the NABW and Rose City Recumbent Cycles current consignment and used inventory! This is not everything we have - email us directly if you are looking for something specific. We are very picky about our used bikes - and only have the GEMS. We always go through our used offerings unless otherwise stated. Very often - our used bikes and trikes are better equipped than new, especially if it is one we built up from scratch.

You are not likely to find better versions of these used classics anywhere else!

NOTES: All used bikes and trikes are sold as indicated and we cannot sub components, etc. Packaging and shipping for used bikes is generally $200 and should calculate at checkout. NOTE: Some bikes we simply cannot ship. They are either too large or too difficult (larger used E-assist trikes, for instance) 

Any questions - please contact us!

Again, we almost always have MORE used bikes and trikes that you see here. Please contact us if you are looking for something that you do not see here - we might have one!

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